Meaa Crew Agreement

Posted by Robin Hensley

ASE: More than 50% union membership in a production is very powerful. Clearly, film crews suffer as much from the “low-budget” script as film writers. When we started rebuilding about five years ago, Screen Tech membership was very low – less than 10% for each production. Now that the crew is more committed to the pay raise, they meet the majority of the members at some shows. The “Screen Techs” union started when the film industry was to start in the 70s and 80s. At the time, the membership was high, but it disappeared in the 90s, when crew, journalist and actor unions regrouped into MEAAs and the voice of the film crew was lost. SASA is an agreement between the Australian Writer`s Guild (AWG) and Screen Producers Australia, which covers the agreed terms for the payment of an author`s services and the purchase of exploitation rights to the work for Australian television series and series. ASE: Unlike many other film and television departments, editors negotiate alone and are isolated from the crew – it`s harder to put a power show on the table! During our Evening Council & Conditions, it was very clearly stated that our editors feel vulnerable in negotiations and are reluctant to push for higher rates. Some editors are also very concerned that if they mention the word “union,” they will not get the job. MEAA: A union is essentially a group of people who work together to improve something in their workplace or in their industry that they couldn`t do as individuals. For example, as a registered trade union, MEAA can conduct formal collective bargaining with employers, bring dispute claims to the Fair Work Commission, register agreements to make them legally binding, address issues that affect members across the industry, and offer services such as travel and liability insurance. MEAA: We have scheduled more meetings with SPA and members will come to the table to explain the importance of this topic and how determined the crew is to make changes. We hope that these negotiations will move forward and resolve the problem.

And as our membership continues to grow, we will work with our crew members to send a strong message to producers that they need to take this issue seriously. But we can only do this if they see that a majority of jobs have a majority of union occupations. MEAA: Get Real on Conseil is MEAA`s campaign to introduce real rates with annual wage increases in the MPPA and register this agreement for each job, which means that it is legally binding on the employer. Our suite of negotiated agreements and model contracts is regularly updated and is available to members under exclusive license or on a project basis. These resources are subject to the copyright of Screen Producers Australia, which is in common with respect to negotiated agreements and fully with respect to model contracts.. . . .