Microsoft Office 365 Data Sharing Agreement

Posted by Robin Hensley

The FDFA concluded that the processing of diagnostic data related to the use of the Office 365 mobile applications (of which Microsoft qualifies itself as the data controller in this case) and the connected experience features entails a number of data protection risks considered high by the authors of the report and that only Microsoft could effectively reduce these risks. The five risks mentioned above were: the processing of certain “specific” categories of personal data, such as. B personal data which reveal a person`s racial or ethnic origin or which concern his or her health or sexual orientation is subject to stricter rules than the processing of `ordinary` personal data. This assessment of personal data is very specific to the facts, which is why we recommend that you commission an expert to assess your specific circumstances. b. Acceptable Use. You may only use the Product in accordance with this Agreement. You may not decompile, decompile, disassemble or circumvent the technical restrictions of the product, except as permitted by applicable law despite such restrictions. You may not use any billing mechanism to measure, disable, manipulate or manipulate your use of the Online Services. You may not rent, rent, rent, lend, resell, transfer or host the Product or any part thereof, or for third parties, unless expressly permitted by this Agreement or the terms applicable to the Online Services….