NO MORE DECEMBER HOLIDAY CARDS – Send a Thanksgiving card instead!

Posted by Robin Hensley

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to let your clients and contacts know how much you appreciate them. You’ll be able to say thank you in a very personal way; and your card will arrive weeks before the crush of Christmas or December holiday invitations and cards. You’ll stand out to your client and your card will have less of chance of falling behind the fruitcake and candy canes.

Remember, it is the same process as mailing December cards – just a month earlier. Now is the time to order your cards and get them ready for mail-out. Google ‘Thanksgiving cards’ for some great suggestions.

Make the most of this important business development tool and follow these simple tips:

  • Run test labels first to check for changes of address or missing addresses. (This takes time, but it is an excellent way to update your master database as well)
  • Print your cross-checked recipient list on clear labels
  • Include a hand-written personalized message on each card that sincerely expresses the unique importance of that client’s relationship to you.
  • Hand sign each card.
  • Use stamps vs. machine postage.
  • Time the mail-out so your cards will arrive the Friday before Thanksgiving week. Cards should be mailed at the post office no later than Wednesday, November 16, 2016.
  • Prepare a few cards every day so they will be ready in plenty of time to meet your mail-out schedule and you won’t be burdened with a time crunch to finish them at the end.