Uncontested Agreement

Posted by Robin Hensley

During the hearing, the judge may inquire about the separation agreement or the affidavit. If the judge finds that the marriage is irreparable, the separation agreement is accepted and an order is made. Your parenting arrangements are set out in your last agreement. If your arrangements have changed, explain the differences in detail. In the event of an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to the divorce and their terms. One party will file for divorce in court and the other accepts the conditions set out in the petition. As a rule, this is done after an informal interview on behalf of the outgoing spouses. For example, the couple can decide in advance on the distribution of property and detail it in the petition. First, an uncontested divorce is much less expensive than a traditional divorce. This is due to the fact that there is no waste of time in the courtroom and there are far fewer legal documents to design and submit.

In addition, many law firms, including Genus Law, offer flat rates for uncontested divorces. Second, there is usually only one lawyer involved in an undisputed divorce, unlike any party who keeps his or her own in a controversial divorce. This is further reduced by the fact that you and your spouse can share the costs of the lawyer who deals with your uncontested divorce. All of this adds up to a divorce that can be a fraction of what a “normal” divorce would cost. If you have any questions or want to make sure the agreement is in your best interest (and in your children`s interest if you have children), talk to a lawyer before signing it. Click here for help finding a lawyer.